Charles de Granville


Granville's portrait 
Charles de Granville's portrait

    The legend tells of how a 14 years old orphan, who was only known by his first name Charles, enlisted as a corsair in Saint Malo under the reign of Louis XIV, the Sun King. He was in charge of feeding the crew. During sea voyages, he was the first to load on board a brew of his own making which was judged to be excellent. It was a distillate of fermented apple and pear juice which was supposed to ward off scurvy.
The legend adds that several years later, Charles met up again with his fiancée and settled with her in the town of Granville. His great military deeds attracted the King’s favours and he was granted the name of Charles de Granville. He then had the idea of storing his brew in oak casks and devoted the rest of his life to perfecting and producing the product which was to make his reputation : Charles de Granville Calvados.

Granville's coat of arms 
Granville's coat of arms in the 18th century

Since then Calvados Charles de Granville did not stop conquering all over the world the biggest tables of high gastronomy.
They were served in particular to the Royal court of England, the Court of France and in the 19th century at the table of the czar of Russia.
In the 20th century, the president Roosevelt ordered it for himself!


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