Charles de Granville

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... Digestive or liqueur ...
High Quality Calvados
"Charles de Granville Calvados is a very high quality eau de vie that is traditionally drunk after a meal as a digestif. The Charles de Granville Hors d'Age, the 25 year old and the vintages are also very compatible with different cigars depending on whether they have spicy, vanilla or crystallized fruit characteristics. "

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... Aperitif and cocktails ...

The Charles de Granville Fine and the Hors d'Age can be drunk as an aperitif on ice or as an excellent base for a first class cocktail. They naturally go very well with apple and pear juices.

Example of cocktails

Cocktail Charles de Granville

Ingredients (for 4 people) :
- 1 apple
- 1 lemon
- 6 ice cubes
- 10 cl of apple juice
- 5 cl of Calvados Charles de Granville Fine
- 10 cl of black currant liqueur
- Champagne
- some black currant
- pieces of apples and pineapples

Preparation :
Cut an apple in fine slices and spray them with the juice of a lemon.

Put 6 ice cubes in your shaker, pour 10 cl of apple juice, 5 cl of Calvados and 10 cl of black currant liqueur.
Shake for 10 seconds.

Distribute in 4 cocktail glasses, then fill with champagne.
Decorate with black currant, apple and pineapple.
Trendy Calvados cocktails
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... The Grande Cuisine ...

"The different Charles de Granville Calvados' are wonderful ingredients for gastronomic cuisine; numerous recipes for main dishes, sauces and desserts are available. The best combinations are for the most part using traditional ingredients and naturally in first place come apples and pears (pay attention to the pear during cooking !) but the Calvados Charles de Granville will be an recommended ingredient for sauces that accompany roast pork with honey, steak with Roquefort, duck breast and 'gesiers', but also lobster or scallops!
To finish, Calvados Charles de Granville will embellish many dishes, including flambéed desserts !"

"The principle is always the same, pour the Calvados on to a hot dish and continue to lightly heat it for a few seconds so the Calvados impregnates the food with its subtle aromas and then light it.
Good to know : note that a large part of the alcohol evaporates during heating and flaming, so well that the food or dessert will be only slightly alcoholic. Contrary to cocktails, using an old Calvados is possible in cooking, as the strength and richness of the aromas brings additional flavours and a special touch to all dishes. "

Meeting of Calvados Granville and Grande Cuisine 

Example of receipts
Terrine of scallops with Calvados Charles de Granville

Preparation: 45 minutes
Cooking time: 45 minutes

Ingredients (for 10 people) :
- 600g cod fillet
- 500g scallops
- 300g grey or pink prawns
- 6 slices of bread
- 1 glass of Calvados Charles de Granville (using the 25 year old is a luxury, but also a marvel)
- 50g butter
- 2 cups (25cl) of milk
- 6 whole eggs
- 6 soup spoons of crème fraîche
- Bunch of parsley
- 2 litres of fish stock
- Salt and pepper
- 6 leaves of gelatine

Poach the cod for 5 minutes in the simmering stock. Soak the bread in the milk.
Quickly seal the scallops in the butter.
Chop the parsley.
Finely mix the fish with the bread to make an homogeneous stuffing.
Add the Calvados Charles de Granville, crème fraîche, eggs, parsley, the softened gelatine and the salt and pepper.
Mix together well to obtain a light green aromatic stuffing.

In a Pyrex cake mould that is well greased with butter, place a layer of the stuffing, a layer of scallops, a layer of stuffing, a layer of prawns, a layer of stuffing.
Firmly press down to avoid air bubbles in between the layers.

Cook in the oven at 180°C in a bain-marie and be sure to check the water throughout cooking.
Leave it to cool in the mould for 12 hours, then cut into slices and place on the plates.

Serve with a well seasoned lime chantilly.

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