Charles de Granville

Blossoming apple trees

Orchards in spring

The Charles de Granville Calvados are produced using the best traditional varieties of apples (Bisquet, Bedan, Petit Joly, Saint Martin), from orchards fully exposed to the elements…Splendid in spring.

Picked when they are fully ripe, the apples keep a slight acidity which will exclusively bring together finesse and intense aromas during the distillation.

The Charles de Granville orchard in summer

Delicious apples
Young and freshly distilled Calvados

The twice-over process still

A passion of our profession: distillation is the real birth of Calvados. For up-market products, it must be perfectly made and the eau-de-vie must be very pure, with fine and delicate aromas.

The 'élevage', also called the ageing process holds a real importance in the elaboration of the famous Calvados : this ageing is realized in small new or recent oaken casks, which turn darker and darker. With years, they become almost black. So delicately aged, Calvados Charles de Granville obtains a subtle smoothness and an intense bouquet which make them real exceptional brandies.

The small Granville Cellar

The large Charles de Granville cellar

Apple brandy